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Understand Online Casino Game Jargons For Great All-round Experience

Jargons and slang terms used in gambling games can be confusing or intimidating to new players. Even the simplest games seem to be challenging because of the terms used in playing them. Beginner game players need to understand the important terms before they approach situs judi online to bet.

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Terms used in general are –

  • Free play – Free play games means no money is involved but you can master casino games.
  • Live dealer game – Professional dealers preside over the table games and you get to see physical action unfold before you.
  • RTP – ‘Return to Player’ is winning percentage given to overall stakes played.
  • Pay Table – List of payouts for numerous results in given game.

Jargons used in different games


  • Credit – Token or currency used to denote money
  • Bonus game – Extra game to win along with reel pays
  • Max bet – High possible bet
  • Hit – Player’s way to describe a win
  • Multiplier – Multiplies payout found in winning combination
  • Multi-line game – Game with more than one pay-line
  • Pay-line – Determines win or lose
  • Reels – Rotating barrels, where symbols appear
  • Progressive jackpot – Hundreds of players are connected and big money pot is generated
  • Wild symbol – Joker symbol makes up for any loss
  • Scatter symbol – Starts a bonus round
  • Volatility – Inherent risk in a specific game


  • American wheel – 38 pockets on wheel with 1-36 numbers including zero and double zero
  • Corner bet – Inside bet on 4 number
  • Column bet – Betting on 3 available number columns

  • Dozen bet – Betting on 3 groups including 12 numbers [1-12; 13-24; 25-36]
  • En prison – Outcome is zero, player is allowed to take half bet money back or leave it [en prison] for succeeding spin, which again the outcome is zero entire bet gets lost
  • European wheel – Uses only one zero
  • Orphelins – Bet on specific number groups, which are neighbors but apart on layout
  • Tiers du Cylindre – Bet on paired neighbors on the layout


  • Bust – Total over 21, automatic loss
  • Double down – Player can place extra bet
  • Cut – Croupier reshuffles deck
  • Hole card – Second card dealer deals, which is face down
  • Push – Tie occurs when dealer and player has hands with same total
  • Upcard – Card, which the dealer shows


  • Banco – Banker
  • Punto – Player
  • Carte – Request a card from player
  • La Petite – Natural total of 8
  • La Grande – Best hand – natural total of 9
  • Standoff – When banker and player are in tie

For best gaming experience, check different game guides to get familiar with the specific term and game.

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